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  • Is Everything on the Menu Vegan?
    Yes! But even if you're not Vegan you will love our sushi and you won't miss the raw fish one bit. Our entire menu is plant-based (Vegan) and gluten-free. We use fresh vegetables, house-made sauces, and quality ingredients to ensure every bite is packed with flavor. Both Sushi Love owners are Vegan, as well as our sushi rollers. There's no need to visit a traditional sushi restaurant (or what we refer to as the "Fish Butcher)" that has only a few Vegan items on their menu. Now you can order any item on the Sushi Love PDX menu and feel good about your choice to not support the destructive fishing industry that's killing our oceans.
  • Does Sushi Love Cater?
    YES! Sushi Love does catering for corporate lunches, corporate events, or any personal activities. We also offer prepared platters as well. For catering questions and/or platter orders please email us at:
  • Why Don't You Have Raw Fish on the Menu?
    The Sushi Love owners didn't become Vegans until 2012. Before we took on a plant-based diet, we ate fish and didn't think anything of it. We used to ask ourselves the same question: "What's the harm in eating fish?" It turns out that there is a lot of scientific evidence that shows just how destructive the fishing industry is to our oceans, and to our planet as a whole. Obviously eating fish hurts the fish, and that's a big deal - they feel physical pain, and death isn't something any creature looks forward to. But even if you don't YET care about the fish's wellbeing, mass-scale fishing has depleted our fish populations by upwards of 80% or more. The fishing industry creates greenhouse gases and pollutes our oceans on an epicly massive scale. Let's face it, our entire planet (and all humans) rely on our oceans to support life, without healthy oceans, we're all dead. So, we believe in creating delicious, nutritious food that keeps our bodies, the planet, the oceans, and the fish - ALIVE & HEALTHY! That's why we do not have any fish, seafood, or animal products on our menu. We invite all Non-Vegans in Portland to come take the "Sushi Love Test." Try our plant-based sushi and see for yourself just how amazing it is - even without the fish. Follow Sushi Love PDX on Instagram & Facebook to learn more. Have questions about a plant-based diet or our personal journey from going from meat & fish eaters to Vegan? Email us:
  • Will My Non-Vegan Friends Enjoy Sushi Love?
    We guarantee it. Non-Vegans LOVE our plant-based sushi. We stay away from super processed products that try to mimic fish or shrimp. The last thing you want is a big slab of "fake fish" substitute on your sushi roll, right? We focus on fresh vegetables, house-made sauces, along with house-marinated tofu, soy curls, and hearts of palm. As Vegans & Vegetarians, we have a superpower: We control WHERE our group of Non-Vegan friends or family goes out to eat when we are with them. Think about the massive amount of "purchase power influence" we have as Vegans & Vegetarians. We've all been there; our group of 6 Non-Vegan friends asks you (the 1 Vegan) "Where should we go eat that has something you can eat?" We can pick the brewery that has 1 Vegan option that is poorly made, and overly priced... Or we can recommend our favorite Vegan spot and influence our entire group to spend their money there instead. This is the purchase power influence we as Vegans have, and it sure feels good to use it! A core mission of ours is to show Non-Vegans that you don't need to harm fish, the oceans, or our planet in order to have a good meal. From our experience, anytime we've taken our Non-Vegan friends to our favorite Vegan restaurants in Portland they are shocked at how much they like the food - and it plants that little tiny seed that may one day grow into something 🌱
  • Wait, Didn't Sushi Love Close?
    Sushi Love temporarily closed in November 2021 but has since re-opened at Core PDX Food Pod (near 82nd & Powell Blvd)! Sushi Love was purchased by new owners Ryan & Amy Kintz in May of 2022. The previous owners Diandra & Ashley did an incredible job building Sushi Love into what it is today. Ryan & Amy were huge fans of Sushi Love for many years and were so excited to take over the business and continue the Sushi Love mission! Our goal is to continue to spread the Vegan message and to provide great Vegan sushi to anyone wanting to try it!
    Yes we love taking phone orders! If you want to call Sushi Love to place a phone order, give us feedback, report an issue, or ask us about our menu, call us at: 971-376-1948
  • How Many Pieces of Sushi are in a "Half" or "Whole" Roll?
    Sushi Love makes a Whole Roll which is cut into (8) pieces. Our sushi rolls are big and packed with a lot more filling and toppings than other sushi restaurants. We usually see two people order 2 to 3 whole rolls + our famous Starry Inari to share. If you're with a friend (or several friends) we recommend you order several different whole rolls so you can all share and have a nice variety. We also offer a "Half Roll" which is half of a roll cut into (4) pieces. This is great if you are by yourself and want to taste a variety of rolls and mix and match.
  • Do You Offer Any Soy-Free Options?
    Of course! Always let us know if you have any food allergies when ordering so we can make sure to pay extra special attention to your order. Our Simply Simple and Don't be Shellfish can be made soy-free, along with our avocado, cucumber, and asparagus skinny rolls. We make all of our rolls to order so if you want to mix and match to make your own creation, we can do that too!
  • What's the Difference Between the "Skinny Roll" vs. the Other Sushi Rolls?
    The Skinny Roll has the nori rolled on the outside of the roll and you get to pick (1) ingredient for the middle.
  • What is Gai Lan?
    Gai Lan or Chinese Broccoli is a large leafy green that we sautee in with the soy curls for the Tiki Tiki. It's nutritious, delicious, and has a name that's a little hard to pronounce.
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